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Requests and Concerns

Inmate Request to Staff (COPOUT): A written request can be obtained from the Unit Officer and is used by inmates to address concerns or questions to a staff member. They should be mailed through the institution mail. For a quicker response to a request, address it to the staff member at the lowest level possible in the chain of command and to the deSignated person/department that handles the area that involves your specific need. If you have experienced a problem in any area, which you have been unable to resolve, you may submit a written request to the next person in the chain of command. Talk with your unit team for assistance on addressing your concerns in the most efficient way. MDC Los Angeles staff are charged with the responsibility of addressing a great deal of inmate concerns. Written correspondence serves as a reminder to the staff member and in many instances will ensure your issue is addressed more quickly.

Sensitive Complaints: If you believe that your complaint is of a nature which would adversely affect you if it became known at the institution, you may file your complaint directly to the Regional Office. Complaints written directly to the Regional Office must clearly outline the reasons why the complaint cannot be filed at the institution. For additional information, refer to Program Statement 1330.13, Administrative Remedy, which can be found in the law library.

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