MDC Los Angeles Mental Health of Prisoners

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There are full time psychologists , psychology interns and and a contract psychiatrist working at the MDC Los Alangeles to provide services for mental health issues.

Mental health professionals may also contact you to conduct an
evaluation of your mental health or medical status, The evaluation
contact may take place as a result of mental health concerns that arise
during the admission screening process, a court ordered evaluation,
medical department referral; or a referral by the Unit Team,
Lieutenants, or Work Supervisors (summary of findings is not
confidential, but personal details are),
Suicide prevention: It is not uncommon for people to experience
feelings of depression and hopelessness while in jailor prison, This is
more likely if it is their first time arrested, newly incarcerated, serving a
lengthy sentence, experiencing problems with family or getting along
with other inmates, or receive bad news about their case or about their
personal lives, Some inmates may consider committing suicide due to
those issues or pressure they experience, Staff are trained to monitor
inmates for signs of suicide risk, and are trained to refer all concerns to
the Psychology Department. However, sometimes staff are not aware
of what inmates may see or know about If you are experiencing any of
the difficulties mentioned, or you or another inmate are showing signs
of depression (sadness, tearfulness, loss of interest in your daily lives),
withdrawal (staying away from others, not wanting to have contact with
family or friends), or hopelessness (giving away possessions, or stating
that there is nothing left to live for, or just giving up), please alert a staff
member right away, Your information could save a life.


Confidentiality: The content of what is discussed during a mental
health contact is confidential except when information is disclosed that
indicates you plan to harm yourself or others, plan to escape, have
been the victim of or have engaged in child/elder physical or sexual
abuse, or there are general safety or security concerns, Also, mental
health contacts are documented in a psychology file that may be
forwarded to psychology staff at your designated institution once you
are sentenced, and, in rare cases the Court may subpoena these files.

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