MDC Los Angeles Substance Abuse Programs

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Drug treatment in the Bureau of Prisons: Some services are available at MDC Los Angeles including crisis intervention and support to those who are detoxing from drugs or alcohol. Drug and Alcohol Education groups are available on various floors, and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are sometimes available on the female and male units, Every institution has a 40 hour drug education program that accepts volunteers, This program resembles a classroom-like situation where the various facets of drug addiction are discussed, For those with sentences of 15 months or longer, many institutions have a

Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program

This program is nine months in length and involves three to four hours of treatment each day, Inmates who participate all live together on the same unit In some cases, completing the Residential Drug Treatment Program may result in a year reduction in the time incarcerated, If you are interested
in a Bureau of Prisons, Residential Drug Treatment Program, send an Inmate Request to Staff regarding the request, and your name will be placed on a waiting list This request for treatment will then be considered if you are designated to another institution,

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