USP Allenwood Educational Programs

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Education Programs
English as a Second Language (ESL)
This course is designed for non-English speaking persons who wish to learn or improve their ability to understand, speak, read and/or write basic English. The first objective of the program is to teach basic vocabulary and conversational skills, ESL I. As the student progresses, the vocabulary is expanded and written English is added to the curriculum, ESL II. This program will have beginning, and advanced levels. The beginning program is mandatory for those scoring less than 225 on the CASAS test.

All inmates incarcerated in a federal facility after May, 1991, who do not have a verified high school diploma or GED will be mandatorily enrolled in the Literacy Education (GED) Program. Further, those inmates will be required to complete 480 hours of instruction or successfully attain their GED certificate to be eligible for promotion above pay grade 4 in IPP or UNICOR assignments. Inmates must attend literacy classes for 240 hours before they can withdraw from the program. Inmates withdrawing before achieving their GED will not be eligible to promote beyond pay grade 4 in IPP or UNICOR assignments. Within the program, the student pursues a course of study that enables him to develop a more advanced general knowledge in the five GED test areas: Writing, Mathematics, Literature and Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Workbooks are available to the students.

Vocational Training
Vocational Training (VT) in Computer Word Processing and Computer Assisted Drafting is provided for inmates who want to acquire marketable job skills. Upon completion, the inmate will be prepared with a theoretical knowledge of entry level position in the field of study and a general knowledge of related career options.

Inmates sentenced under the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act and Prison
Litigation Reform Act with a date of offense on or after September 13, 1994, must have a GED, or be making satisfactory progress on obtaining their GED in order for their Good Conduct Time to be vested.

At present, certification exists for the VT in Computer Word Processing and Computer Assisted Drafting.

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