USP Allenwood Mental Health of Prisoners

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Psychology and Psychiatry Programs
All inmates will be screened by Psychology Services staff during the institution’s Admission and Orientation (A&O) Program. Screening may include an individual interview. Psychologists are available for individual and/or group psychotherapy. Inmates interested in services can submit an “Inmate Request to Staff Member” (Cop-out) to Psychology Services. Mental health services are offered in the areas of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as for other behavioral or emotional problems.

In Psychology Services there are clinical psychologists who provide assessment and treatment for problems such as depression, anxiety and interpersonal issues. Treatment is offered through individual and group psychotherapy, as well as several self-help programs which utilize self-help books.

This department also offers the Drug Abuse Education class, the Non-Residential Drug Abuse Treatment program and referrals to the Residential Drug Abuse program. In addition to these programs, Psychology Services offers a smoking cessation program. Inmates requiring assistance with smoking cessation or drug abuse can forward a request for such assistance to Psychology Services.

Consultations with psychiatrists are arranged through Psychology Services staff to meet the needs of inmates who may require psychotropic medications.


Suicide Prevention
It is not uncommon for people to experience depression and hopelessness while in jail or
prison, particularly if they are newly incarcerated, are serving a long sentence, and experiencing family problems or problems getting along with other inmates, or receive bad news.

Sometimes, inmates consider committing suicide due to all of the pressure they are under.
Staff are trained to monitor inmates for signs of suicidality, and are trained to refer all concerns to the Psychology Department. However, staff do not always see what inmates see. If you are personally experiencing any of the problems noted above, or you or another inmate are showing signs of depression (sadness, tearfulness, lack of enjoyment in usual activities), withdrawal (staying away from others, reducing phone calls and/or visits), or hopelessness (giving away possessions, stating that “there is nothing to live for”), Please alert a staff member right away. Your input can save a life.

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