USP Allenwood Programs

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Recreation, Leisure and Social Programs
Leisure activities and recreation programs are supervised by the Recreation Department. These programs help inmates develop an individual wellness concept. Programs include indoor and outdoor activities and range from individualized arts and crafts programs to intramural team sports such as softball, basketball, and volleyball. Physical fitness and weight reduction programs are also important activities for inmates and contribute to mental health, good interpersonal relations, and stress reduction. In addition, inmates can learn to use their free time constructively.

Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments are available in the recreation area for inmates. These instruments will remain in the recreation area. Authorization to purchase musical instruments is required as with any other special purchase items.

Self-Improvement Programs
The Education Department is responsible for educational testing, academic training, social
education, vocational training, the leisure library and Law Library.

Each inmate that does not have a GED or High School diploma will be required to take a
standardized achievement test; a score of 12.0 that is not more than two (2) years old will be accepted if the inmate is transferred from another institution. If the inmate scores less than an eighth grade level on the test, he will be required to take Adult Basic Education (ABE) until his educational level is raised to at least the eighth grade level. However, if the inmate has not reached an eighth grade level after participation in the class for one 240 hour period, the inmate may choose either to continue in the program or drop out, unless otherwise mandated by statute.

Pre-Release Programming-Employment and Personal Finance Skills
The Employment and Personal Finance Skills portion of the Pre-Release Program is designed toassist inmates in preparing to obtain employment upon release. The Career Resource Center,located in the Education Department is open Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 pm to 3:30 p.m.

Inmates are provided instruction on developing plans for job search. The Career Resource Center offers classes and informational seminars concerning resume, writing, job search skills and personal finance.


Hobbycraft programs vary from institution to institution. They typically include activities such as painting, leather working, art and ceramics. Completed projects that are authorized by the Recreation Department shall be mailed home. Inmates are not allowed to have completed projects in their rooms.

Counseling Activities
There are many alternatives for inmates who have personal problems, and desire to correct them. These options include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Anger Management, the Parenting Program and other voluntary and self help groups. In addition, institutions have professional staff as resources who are trained in the various social science fields. Inmate participation in these activities will be encouraged based upon the staff’s assessment of inmate needs, but participation in such activities is voluntary. The staff of each unit are available for informal counseling sessions and they conduct formal group counseling activities.

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