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The Education Curriculum at USP, Atlanta is designed to provide a flexible Education Program based upon the philosophy that personal responsibility, on the part of each student, is essential for real learning to occur. Individualized, competency based instructions is available to each student. Students progress at their own pace, completing behavior objectives as prescribed.

The USP, Atlanta Education Department supports a holistic learning experience supported by academic, occupational, and recreational program offerings. It is with this learning experience in mind that staff is committed to assist each inmate in attaining personal educational, occupational, and leisure time goals.

Programs and services are offered in the following areas:

1. Literacy Program
2. General Educational Development
3. Post Secondary Educational (college)
4. Occupational Education
5. Social Education
6. Adult Continuing Education
7. Apprenticeship Programs
8. Testing
9. Recreation
10. Reference/Reading/Leisure Library
11. Law Library


By policy, with minor exceptions, all Federal prisoners who do not possess a verified GED Certificate or verified high school diploma must enroll for 240 instructional hours in the Literacy Program. Inmates may ask to be released from this program after completing 240 instructional hours.

All promotions in Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) and institution assignments beyond the entry level grade are contingent on successful completion of the GED Literacy Program.

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