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After you complete the Admission and Orientation (A&O) Program and have been medically cleared, you will be assigned to a work detail by your Correctional Counselor. If possible, you will be assigned to the type of work which you prefer. Even so, the needs of the institution will be given first consideration when assigning you to a job.

Several factors that will be considered when assigning you to a work detail are as follows:

Institution Needs Physical Condition Education Intelligence Previous Work Experience General Attitude
Ability to Benefit from Training Plans for the Future
Here are some of the work details and training available for you at USP, Atlanta:

Food Service Cooks, Bakers, Butchers, Salad Preparation Workers, Orderlies, Dishwasher Operators, Clerks
Mechanical Services Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Carpenters, Heating/Air Conditioning Workers

Institution Hospital Clerks and Orderlies
Safety Clerks
Sanitation Sanitation Workers
Housing Units Orderlies
Business Office Laundry Workers and Commissary Clerks
UNICOR Industry Workers, (Mailbag, Battle Dress Uniform, Mattress), Quality Assurance Workers, Clerks and Orderlies.

If you wish to change your job assignment, you must submit a written request for a job change to your Correctional Counselor, or an Inmate Request to Staff Form (“cop-out”), stating what your present job assignment is, and what job assignment you wish to be transferred to. The cop-out must contain both the signature of your present Work Supervisor and the signature of the Prospective Supervisor. Usually, job changes will be made only when there is an obvious need and benefit either to the institution or you, or both. Normally job changes will become effective on Monday.


Supervisors recommends you for it.
Presently, pay rates are as follows:
Grade 4 .12/hr.
Grade 3 .17/hr.
Grade 2 .29/hr.
Grade 1 .40/hr.
Maintenance $5.25/month

These rates are subject to change according to Federal Bureau of Prisons Policy. You may receive Performance Pay for a maximum of seven (7)hours per work day, and a maximum of thirty-five (35) hours per week.

You will be paid only for the number of hours you worked in a satisfactory manner. Each work detail has specific number of positions allotted which are utilized to receive performance pay. If you are in FRP (Financial Responsibility Program) Refuse status, you cannot earn above Maintenance Pay.

If you are having a problem concerning your job pay, you should report these problems immediately to your Detail Supervisor.

Job payments are deposited in your Commissary account no later than the twenty-ninth of the month.


UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries) is the largest work program avail at USP, Atlanta. UNICOR was created by Congress to reduce inmate idleness in the Federal Prison System.

Positions are available in the various factories which include Mattress Factory, Mailbag Factory, and the Battle Dress Uniform Factory. Inmates with prior UNICOR experience are given priority placement on the UNICOR waiting list. If you are interested in working in UNICOR, you must first be interviewed and placed on the UNICOR waiting list. Overtime is available on an as-needed basis to be determined by UNICOR.
Presently, pay rates are as follows:

Grade 5 .23/hr.
Grade 4 .46/hr.
Grade 3 .69/hr.
Grade 2 .92/hr.
Grade 1 1.15/hr.


Paid vacations are granted as an additional incentive for inmates to perform their work in a satisfactory manner. Eligibility differs somewhat for UNICOR and other work details.

Those inmates assigned to UNICOR receive vacation credit at a rate of one-half day per month for the first year of employment, and one day per month thereafter. UNICOR workers may request vacation credit for vacation time accrued on an annual basis. Inmates may choose not to take vacation time off and will be paid for the vacation credit in a lump sum on the regular monthly payroll, upon approval of the Superintendent of Industries. Inmates whose employment is terminated by release, reassignment, transfer or other reasons will be paid for all unused vacation credit.

Inmates assigned to other work details become eligible for a one (1) week vacation after working on a continuous assignment in one type of work for one (1) year. He must have at least above-average work reports, maintained clear conduct, and be recommended by his detail supervisor. If he has been changed from one assignment to another, it must have been for the convenience of the institution. To be eligible for a two (2) week vacation, an inmate must have worked five (5) full years, and received above-average work reports for at least one (1) year on a continuous assignment in the current year. Upon completion of five (5) full years, the inmate may take a one (1) week vacation every six (6) months. For further information on vacations, consult with your work supervisor, unit staff, Program Statement, or Institution Supplement.

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