USP Atlanta Substance Abuse Programs

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The Nonresidential Drug Abuse Program (NRDAP)

The purpose of the Non residential Drug Abuse Program is to afford all inmates with a drug problem the opportunity to receive drug treatment. Treatment staff uses the most recent treatment journals, facilitator guides, manuals and resource materials. The programs are conducted 120 minutes per session for a minimum of 12 sessions.

While participating in the NRDAP inmates are encouraged to complete 3 mandatory classes and one elective class. Classes may vary with each treatment specialists. To receive a certificate the inmate must complete the 12-week course. Upon completion of four cycles, the inmate will have completed the Nonresidential Drug Program and may receive an incentive award. Groups that have been offered in the past included: Anger Management, Victim Impact, Responsible Thinking and Behavior, Criminal Thinking Intervention, Relapse Prevention etc. Groups are likely to vary based on the needs of the population and the material provided by the Bureau of Prison.

Residential Drug Abuse Program

RDAP Program Admission:

If an inmate would like to be interviewed for the RDAP to determine his eligibility, he should submit an Inmate Request to the Drug Treatment Specialist assigned to his unit or to the DAP Coordinator requesting to be interviewed. If eligible and the inmate agrees to participate, he will be transferred to an RDAP institution. If an inmate has less than 24 months remaining on his sentence, he is not eligible to participate in RDAP. If an inmate has a detainer, he is not eligible to participate.

Inmates interested in participating in Psychological Services can make a request by completing an Inmate Request to Staff Member (cop-out) to Psychology Services.

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