USP Atwater Educational Programs

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The foundation of the Education Department is the Literacy Program. Current Bureau of Prisons policy requires you to have a high school diploma or to obtain a high school equivalency certificate before being allowed to receive performance pay above grade 4. Any inmate who does not have a high school diploma or GED when admitted to this institution is required to attend classes for a minimum of 240 hours (unless you have already met that requirement at a prior institution). Participation in other educational programs may depend upon having a high school diploma or a GED certificate. (NOTE: You must have a verified GED or diploma before you are hired in UNICOR.)

Inmates without a GED or high school diploma need to be aware that they may be subject to the following two acts which were passed by Congress:

The Violent Crime Control Law Enforcement Act, (VCCLEA) mandates that an inmate with a date of offense on or after September 13, 1994, but before April 26, 1996, lacking a high school credential, participate in and make satisfactory progress toward attainment of a General Educational Development (GED) credential in order to vest earned Good Conduct Time (GCT).

The Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) provides that in determining GCT awards, the Bureau of Prisons will consider whether an inmate with a date of offense on or after April 26, 1996, has earned or is making satisfactory progress toward attainment of a GED credential.

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