USP Atwater Programs

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Active activities are outdoor recreation which will include basketball, softball, volleyball, handball, and soccer. The recreation department offers sports official classes for volleyball, soccer, softball, and basketball. Passive activities are indoor recreation which include chess, checkers, spades, dominoes, pinochle, tri-ominoes, and scrabble. Recreational equipment can be checked out through staff but must be checked in prior to your leaving the recreation area. You will be held responsible for the condition of the equipment issued to you if it becomes damaged through abuse while it is in your possession. The Crafts area is open to inmates interested in painting to include acrylic and watercolor, origami, calligraphy, and crochet. Additionally, the Education Department will also offer vocational training classes in Janitorial, Culinary Arts and Computers.


The Barber Shop is located in the Work Corridor. Haircuts will be conducted : Sunday-Saturday 0800-1430 and 1630-1900.


These activities include cardiovascular equipment, closed circuit televison movie program, hobby craft program, and various games. All hobby craft projects must be pre-approved and you are responsible for obtaining and maintaining an authorization form for all projects. Questions regarding leisure time activities should be directed to Recreation Staff.


Includes the following programs: nutrition class, beginners classes and aerobic classes, yoga classes, wellness resource center, fitness assessments, body fat testing, and cardiovascular equipment.


The Music Program provides guitars, trumpets, and saxophones. These instruments will not be removed from the recreation area.


There are many alternatives for inmates who have personal problems, and a desire to correct them. These options include participation in the stress and anger management programs. In addition, this institution has professional staff as resources who are trained in the various social science fields. Inmate participation in these activities will be encouraged upon the staff’s assessment of inmate needs, but participation in such activities is voluntary.
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