USP Canaan Visitation

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SCP: Weekends & federal holidays (8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)
USP: Fridays, weekends & federal holidays (8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)


USP Canaan, is located approximately 23 miles northeast of
Scranton, PA. From Scranton, PA, take 81 north to route 6
to the town of Waymart. At the stop light turn right onto
state route 296. Follow route 296 for 1.4 miles, where the
prison entrance is on the right. From New York/Milford area
take 84 west to exit 17 ramp, turn onto route 191 north,
continue to travel on route 191 until signs appear for route
296 north. (route 196 turns into route 296). Continue
route 296 until signs appear for the prison entrance.

Dress code

ALL visitors will be dressed in an appropriate manner and in
good taste. You are entering a correctional setting, and
this is a requirement. Any visitor who arrives
provocatively dressed, will be denied the privilege of
visiting. Inmates will inform visitors prior to visiting,
that clothing MUST be appropriate for an institution setting
and should not demonstrate disrespect to others who may be
present in the visiting room. All visitors must be fully
attired, including shoes. Visitors are to refrain from
wearing apparel which is revealing or suggestive. Shorts,
dresses or skirts which reveal any part of the buttocks or
crotch area, see-through blouses/dresses, halter tops,
midriff tops, strapless tops/dresses and spandex style
clothing WILL NOT be permitted. While undergarments must
be worn, underwire bras are not acceptable, as this will
activate the walk-through metal detector. Only religious
headwear may be worn; However, all headgear will be searched
prior to entering the Visiting Room. Visitors are not
permitted to wear gray colored sweat wear. Visitors will
not be permitted to wear a combination of pants and shirts
that resemble the SPC colored inmate uniform (spruce green).
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