USP Coleman I Programs

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Recreation Department Facilities

Recreation Yard
(6) Basketball Courts
(2) Bocce Courts
(2) Horse Areas
(6) Handball/Racquetball Courts
(1) Softball Field, Jogging Track, Soccer/ Flag Football Field

Leisure Center: The Leisure center consists of a leather room, art room, wellness room, and TV’s.

Music Center: The music center consists of three band rooms, two practice rooms, and a variety of musical instruments. The music center is open daily from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm and again from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm.
Card and Games Room: The card and game room is set up with tables and chairs and a variety of games such as backgammon, cards, checkers, chess, dominoes, Risk, Scrabble, and Uno. Table games include foosball and ping pong.

Fitness Area: The fitness area is set up with Spinning Bikes, Treadmills, Elliptical Machines, Rowing Machines, Step machines, and sit up boards. Note: Outside Patio Area has the same Fitness equipment available

Recreation Programs


Leagues: Leagues involving physical abilities will be organized, with awards given to the first and second place finishers for all leagues sponsored by the Recreation department.
League A: Will be a competitive league.
League B: Will be an intermediate league.
League C: Will be an “over 40″ league.

Classes: The Recreation Department offers classes in the following areas:

Hobby craft Music Theory Physical Education
Art Drums Wellness
Leather Piano Wellness Library
Crochet Classical Referee/Umpire

Holiday Activities

Throughout the calendar year, the Recreation department will sponsor contests and tournaments on all recognized federal holidays. Sodas will be awarded as prizes for first and second place winners. Each and every inmate is eligible and invited to participate in the scheduled activities. Holiday activity schedules will be posted on all unit bulletin boards prior to the event. Participants are encouraged to sign up the day of the event, during the time announced, for all holiday activities. Recognized federal holidays are:

New Years Day Labor Day
Martin Luther King’s Day Columbus Day
Presidents’ Day Veterans’ Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day Christmas Day

General Rules for Recreation

Work boots are not allowed in the recreations areas (except as noted below).

Work boots are required when repairing equipment.

No food service uniforms are allowed in the recreation areas.

No unauthorized inmates are permitted in the hobby craft and music rooms

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