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The Mailroom processes all incoming/outgoing mail Monday – Friday. Mail is not processed on weekends or holidays. If a private carrier delivers mail on the weekend or a holiday, it is not processed until the next working day. It will be held for the Mailroom Officer to process. Mail depositories are located within each housing unit. All outgoing general mail will be placed, unsealed , in the depository. All mail addressed to the President and Vice President of the United States, the US Department of Justice, the Bureau of Prisons, Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service, Secretary of the Army, Navy, or Air Force, U.S. Courts, U.S. Probation Officers, Members of the United States Congress, Embassies and Consulates, Governors, State Attorney Generals, Directors of the State Department of Corrections, State Parole Commissioners, State Legislators, State Courts, State Probations Commissions, State Probation Officers, other Federal/State Law Enforcement Officers, attorneys and representatives of the news media, is to brought to the Receiving and Discharge area during Special/Legal Mail open house and clearly marked as “Special Mail”. Staff will inspect the contents and seal the correspondence in the presence of the inmate. These open house procedures are for Special/Legal mail purposes ONLY .

MAILING ADDRESS: (Name) (Registration #) (Unit)
Federal Correctional Complex- USP-1
PO BOX 1033

Inmates are cautioned that they are totally responsible for all the contents of their letters processed through the prisoner’s mail box . Any violation of postal laws could result in charges against the inmate.
Mailroom staff will collect all outgoing general mail from the institution, Monday – Friday, excluding holidays. All mail must have a return address, including the following: name, register number, unit assignment, and Federal Correctional Complex, USP-1, PO BOX 1033, Coleman, Florida, 33521-1033. Outgoing general mail may NOT be sealed. Mail not properly addressed with the return address will not be processed and will be returned to sender for completion.

Staff will open and check all incoming mail for contraband. Legal/Special Mail which will be opened in the inmate’s presence is mail from the President and Vice President of the United States, Attorneys, Embassies and Consulates, the U.S. Department of Justice (excluding the Bureau of Prisons but including the U.S. Attorney’s) other Federal Law Enforcement Offices, State Attorney Generals, Governors, U.S. Courts (including U.S. Probation Officers,) and State Courts, when the sender has been adequately identified on the envelope and the front of the envelope has been marked “Special Mail – Open only in the presence of the inmate ” (or similar language.) It is the responsibility of the inmate to advise any attorney of this procedure. If not properly marked and identified as special mail, correspondence will be treated as general correspondence and opened and inspected. Clearly identified mail from the chambers of a judge or from a member of the United States Congress will not require the special mail marking, but will be processed as “Special Mail” and opened in the presence of the inmate.

Incoming or outgoing mail may be rejected for any of the following reasons:

Any material which would violate postal regulations (e.g., obscene, lewd, or vulgar statements, threats of blackmail, contraband, or indications of escape.)
Discussion of criminal activities.
Letters containing codes or other attempts to circumvent mail regulations.
Any nude photographs or materials, including magazines
Inmates cannot engage in any type of business and will be sanctioned for doing so.
Retention of any magazine or literature of a sexually explicit nature will not be allowed.
Additional mail restrictions may be found in the program statements governing mail and correspondence.

Outgoing Packages

Outgoing inmate packages, except hobby craft items, will be processed by Unit Management staff. Inmates wishing to mail personal property/packages must bring the unsealed package and the Request For Authorization to Mail Inmate Package to their Unit Counselor for mail preparation. Postage stamps required for mailing packages must be provided by the inmate. Upon completion for mailing, the Unit Counselor will deliver the Request For Authorization to Mail Inmate Package and the package to the Mailroom. Hobby craft packages will be processed for mailing by Recreation staff.

Incoming packages

A package is a bundle, usually of small or medium size, that is packed, padded, wrapped or boxed. An article, weighing 16 ounces or more, containing other than paper material or excessive paper materials, shall be considered a package and will require approval. All incoming packages must be authorized in advance unless otherwise approved under another Bureau policy. Package authorizations are accepted for release clothing only. Certain items within Health Services and Religious Services will be allowed package authorization. Inmates will need to check with those departments if they require specialty items. Packages that contain items such as magazines, special mail, paperback books, educational or legal materials do not require authorization if the package is marked with the words, Authorized by Bureau Policy or other such wording as reading material, books, magazines, legal material, etc. These markings assist mailroom staff to identify and process the material and avoid erroneous return(s).

Incoming Publications

Inmates may make arrangements to purchase newspapers or magazines or one of his correspondents may submit a subscription on his behalf. Inmates may receive hardcover books and newspapers only from the publisher, book club, or from a bookstore. Inmates should speak with their counselor to ascertain whether an individual issue or a publication is likely to be approved. Inmates may not maintain more than 5 books, 3 magazines, or 1 newspaper in their possession at one time.

Correspondence: With some exceptions, an inmate may write to anyone he chooses. Inmates may not write to inmates in state institutions , unless approval has been received from the Wardens of both institutions. Inmates may correspond with inmates in other federal institutions with the approval of Unit Managers at each institution. A copy of this approval must be on file in the mailroom in order for the inmate to receive his correspondence.

There is no limit to the number or length of letters an inmate may write or receive, but it is expected he will protect this privilege by keeping them to a reasonable amount. Inmates will not be permitted to seal outgoing correspondence.

Inmates may send correspondence by first class, priority, fourth class, registered, certified, or insured mail, and may request a return receipt by placing the required postage stamps on same. Postage stamps, in different denominations, can be purchased through the inmate Commissary.

Postage for Indigent Inmates: (Step 3.5.1) An inmate who has neither funds nor sufficient postage, and upon verification of this status by staff, may be provided the postage stamps for mailing a reasonable number of letters at government expense to enable the inmate to maintain community ties. The request for postage will be made to the Unit Manager.

Receiving and Discharge (R&D): All commitments and discharges are processed in R&D. Photographs and fingerprints are taken for Bureau of Prisons and FBI use. All intake/discharge papers are completed in R&D.

Upon commitment to this institution, a personal ID card will be issued to inmates. This card must be produced when making a purchase from the commissary. Inmates are required to carry this card any time they are outside of their housing unit and to produce it to institution staff upon request. If the card is lost, you must notify staff immediately.

Inmates may address any concerns regarding R&D during Open House hours on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 11:00am until work call, in R&D.

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