USP Florence ADMAX Mental Health of Prisoners

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After your admission into the ADX, you will be interviewed by a representative of Psychology Services, usually within 14 days. We hope to interview everyone within 3 working days, in order to assist with questions, problems, issues, and concerns you may

Psychology Services will offer a variety of programs through the closed circuit TV operation in coordination with your Unit Team in place of group counseling. These programs will include Stress Management, Drug Abuse Programming (40-Hour Drug Education Program), Anger Management, and various other topics. If you successfully complete a formal program, you will receive a certificate. Copies of these certificates will also be placed in your psychology file.

If you need to speak with a Psychologist before or after your intake screening you may send an Inmate Request To Staff Member (cop-out) to Psychology Services. When we receive the cop-out, we will see you as soon as possible.

For psychiatric care, we have the services of a psychiatrist at USMCFP Springfield via teleconferencing equipment. Telepsychiatry clinics are held twice a month. If you believe you need psychotropic medication, first send a copout to Psychology Services explaining why you believe you need it. Psychology staff will determine whether you will be placed in Telepsychiatry.

If your issue is an emergency, please notify either your unit staff or the unit officers. They will contact Psychology, and you will be seen as soon as possible. No problem is too small to bring up, and no problem is too big to be resolved.

Should you feel suicidal or know of another inmate who you believe could be suicidal, it is very important that you contact staff immediately so Psychology can do an assessment.

Very often, Psychology Services is requested to perform formal evaluations, e.g., parole board, etc. You will be fully advised of the reasons for the requested evaluations and the limits of confidentiality. Everyone has the right to refuse evaluation; however, we will ask and document your reasons for refusal.

If you have any questions about Psychology Services, please ask during your initial interview, send us a cop-out, or ask during Psychology Services’ unit rounds.

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