USP Hazelton Library and Publication Rules

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Law Library

The law library offers a wide variety of legal materials. Forms are available for legal documents such as: Power of Attorney, Informal Affidavit, Habeas Corpus Petitions, and Freedom of Information Act applications. Also located in the law library are typewriters and clerical supplies for use in preparing legal work. Typewriters will be available for typing legal materials ONLY. Typing Ribbon, Correction Tape, and Print Wheels may be purchased in the commissary for the typewriters use. An inmate copier is also available in the library. Debitek copy cards may be purchased in the commissary for personal copies at a rate of $0.13 per copy. Office staff will NOT provide legal copies to inmates; indigent or other inmates unable to pay for legal copies are to make requests to their Unit Manager or Unit Team for assistance.
Access to the computer or electronic law library will be granted after the following conditions: submitting a request (Inmate Request to Staff) to education staff, and completing an initial ACE class on system operation.

Please see rules and regulations section of the Education Department Handbook, or the library bulletin board, for additional rules, as well as hours of operation.

Leisure Library

The Education Department maintains a Leisure Library in the Education Department which is available to the general population. Contained within this inventory are: reference books (i.e., encyclopedias, dictionaries, medical encyclopedias, college listings and synopsis, recent volumes of “Books in Print” etc.). These reference books are available for use within the Resource Library. Magazines and newspapers are available and must be checked out with an inmate I.D. At NO time will magazines and/or newspapers be allowed out of the Library.

Leisure reading books are available to the population to check out for a two (2) week period. Due to the limited space and to maintain control of these materials, listings of these books are posted throughout the library. The Leisure Library contains excellent choices for the inmates’ reading enjoyment. Included in the library are best sellers, westerns, classics, mysteries, self-help books, paperbacks, and a Spanish section. Both Spanish and English periodicals can be checked out from the library clerk to be reviewed in the designated reading. An inter-library loan program is made available through a local library.

The Leisure Library is available to the general population seven days a week with the daily hours posted on the bulletin board near the Library entrance. It should be noted, for those inmates housed in the Special Housing Unit, the Education Department has a leisure library book cart available to them. This book cart is changed out monthly to ensure availability of diverse materials.

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