USP Leavenworth Medical Care

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Health Promotion / Disease Prevention

The Health Services Unit, Recreation and/or Psychology Services offers Health

Promotion and Disease Prevention Activity in the following areas:

1. Stress Management
2. Nutrition Counseling
3. Dental Hygiene/Personal Hygiene
4. Infectious Disease
5. Low Back Pain
6. Cardiopulmonary Health/Stroke
7. Cancer, Effects of Smoking
8. Substance Abuse

In this setting participants are able to hold each other to a higher standard than is seen in many prison housing units. The daily accountability of living with men striving to improve their lives and fulfill the requirements of their faith is a powerful impetus for genuine change.

Finally, every Monday through Friday at noon the men attend a thirty minute session called “Word of the Day”. Each man in the program is responsible to prepare a talk centered on a positive word of their choice.

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