USP Lee Employment

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Job Assignments

All inmates are expected to maintain a regular job assignment. Many job assignments are controlled through the Performance Pay System, which provides monetary payment for work. UNICOR has a separate pay scale. Institution maintenance jobs are usually the first assignment an inmate receives. These might include work in the areas of Food Service, Landscape, or Facilities Department in the maintenance shops. However, most institutions have a significant number of inmate jobs in UNICOR. Many institutions have a waiting list for factory employment. Inmates will be required to work in their initial job assignment for 90 days before requesting a job change.


UNICOR employs and trains inmates through the operation of and earning from factories producing high-quality products and services for the Federal Government. UNICOR earnings fund inmate programs and provide pre-industrial training to prepare inmates for employment. The UNICOR Factory at USP Lee manufactures textile products.

Food Service

Inmates are provided nutritious, appealing meals in all Bureau institutions. Self-service meal operations for general population inmates may include features such as salad bars, special diet options, and pork-free meal programs. Specific approval procedures for special diets vary from institution to institution, and unit staff can explain them. Inmates in the Special Housing Unit also receive a balanced, nutritious diet. Except for any approved special diets, inmates receive the same diet as inmates in the general population.
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