USP Lompoc Mental Health of Prisoners

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An inmate’s first contact with a psychologist will come within 14 days of intake screening. An inmate will be asked to participate in an interview and information from his PSI will be used to complete a short intake screening report that will be included in the inmate’s Central File and used for planning purposes at FCC Lompoc.


A psychologist will be available for individual psychotherapy on an as needed basis. Inmates may request an appointment via cop-out to the psychologist. An appointment will be scheduled on the call-out sheet on a timely basis, generally within 14 work days.


Each psychologist will be conducting various groups for the inmates. The kinds of groups will depend upon the inmates’ needs and interests. Announcements for these groups will generally be made at meetings and/or on unit bulletin boards.


The Psychologists are available for discussion of any personal problem. If an inmate has a serious problem of an emergency nature that limits his ability to cope with day-to-day activities, the Psychologist will see him as soon as possible, usually the same day. Inquire via the Detail Supervisor, Unit Officer or a Unit Staff Member to notify the Psychologist as soon as possible. Non emergencies will be scheduled on the call-out sheet on a timely basis, generally within 14 working days.


There are many alternatives for inmates who have personal problems and desire to correct them. These options include, Alcoholics Anonymous, self-image groups, and other voluntary groups. In addition, FCC Lompoc has professional staff as resources who are trained in the various social science fields. Inmate participation in such activities is voluntary. The staff in each unit are available for informal counseling sessions and they conduct formal group counseling activities.


Inmates with histories of drug and/or alcohol abuse during the past five (5) years should discuss their interest in and need for drug abuse programming with the Psychologist during intake screening. Individualized programs will be designed to meet each inmate’s needs and may consist of one or more of the following: group therapy or counseling, personal development groups, individual therapy or counseling, correctional counseling, crisis intervention, pre-release counseling, voluntary groups, or other programs deemed appropriate.
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