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Items which may be retained by an inmate are limited for sanitation and security reasons, and to ensure that excess personal property is not accumulated which would constitute a fire hazard or impair staff searches of the living area. The following list is not all-inclusive, but it is a guide to the kind of items you may be authorized at FCC Lompoc.


Some special purchase items are authorized as per the Complex Supplement Inmate Personal Property; however, only to the point where they can be neatly and safely stored in the inmate’s locker.


You are allowed to maintain legal materials necessary for any current, ongoing litigation in which the inmate is the defendant or plaintiff. Legal materials should be neatly stored in the inmate’s locker.


Unit Hobby Craft participation is limited to pen, pencil, beadwork and cross-stitch projects within the housing unit only. Written approval from the Supervisor of Recreation, or designee, and the Unit Manager authorizing the in-cell hobby craft participation must be posted on the inmate’s bulletin board and a copy maintained in the Central File. Only three projects in progress may be in the living quarters and must be mailed out through the Hobby Shop Supervisor within thirty days of completion.


The total value of an inmate’s accumulated commissary items (excluding special purchases) will be limited to the monthly spending limitation. Special limits may apply.


Food items that are left open create a health hazard. These items must be properly sealed at all times. Empty containers may not be used as drinking glasses and are to be thrown away. Removal of food from the dining room is not permitted. Occasionally, food items may be provided for consumption in the unit (i.e., Christmas packages, Holiday sacks following large meals, etc.).


An inmate will be limited in the number of magazines that can be stored in the locker provided in each room. Nothing is to be tacked, stapled, or scotch taped to any surface except to bulletin boards.


Inmates may have a plain wedding band (without stones) and, with prior approval, a religious medal without stones.


Any staff member may search you and/or your locker and assigned bed area at any time, in an attempt to locate contraband (hard or nuisance). Your presence is not required when your area is being searched. You are responsible for EVERYTHING in your assigned locker and bed area. Your property will be left in the same general condition as found.


Staff consider any item possessed by an inmate to be contraband unless it has been authorized upon admission to the institution, the item was issued by authorized staff, purchased by the inmate from the commissary, or purchased or received through approved channels (to include approved receipt by an authorized staff member or authorized by institution guidelines).
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