USP Marion Library and Publication Rules

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Leisure Library

USP Marion has a limited leisure reading library containing a good selection of educational books and leisure reading materials. You are discouraged from removing most reading materials from the library due to living area sanitation conditions and to promote the availability of reading materials for everyone. If you do need to check out a book, it must be returned within one week time. You are encouraged to stop in the library and browse and to spend some quiet time studying or reading. The Library is open for your convenience during general population’s open-movement hours.

Law Library

The library is open six days a week during open-movement hours. The contents of the library will assist you in your basic research and document preparation. Program Statement 1315.07 provides a list of items required to be maintained in the law library. The Electronic Law Library is available for use during operating hours. The law library also houses law books that are from donated sources and are not required by policy to be replaced when lost or destroyed.

A copy machine and type writers are available for your use while you are in the law library. Paper supplies such as carbon paper and typing paper, will be supplied.

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