USP Marion Medical Care

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It is the mission of the Health Services Department of USP Marion, Illinois, to provide medically necessary healthcare to inmates effectively in accordance with proven standards of care without compromising public safety concerns inherent to the Bureau of Prisons’ overall mission. Health care will be provided to inmates by way of Primary Care Provider Teams (PCPT), which are designed to improve the delivery of health care services by enhancing continuity of care and promoting preventive health care measures. The PCPT is designed to function in the same manner as a medical office in a community setting. Virtually all patient care provided to the inmates will be by appointment, scheduled several days to weeks in advance, through written requests from the inmate or follow-up appointments determined by the providers. Each Health Care Provider will be assigned a case load of inmates based on the inmate’s register number. This care will include both acute and chronic conditions.

By using a multi-disciplinary approach, we will strive to provide high quality health care services in a cost effective manner that increases the probability of beneficial patient outcomes, while reducing the probability of adverse patient outcomes. Health care will be rendered within the constraints of custody.


The Health Services Department is located between I and G unit on the north corridor of the USP and on the northeast corner of the old dorm area at the Satellite Camp (SCP).


The Health Services staff consists of physicians, health services administration staff, mid-level practitioner(s), health information staff, nursing staff, a contract x-ray technician, pharmacist, dentist, and a dental hygienist. We also have available as consultants, physicians of various specialties, and optometrists.
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