USP Marion Religious Programs

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Participation in religious programs is voluntary. There are regular organized religious services in most major faiths. The schedule of regular religious activities and Chaplains’ duty hours is posted on bulletin boards in the chapel and the units. Approved volunteers and contract clergy will assist the Chaplains. For further information refer to the Institution Supplement entitled, Religious Beliefs & Practices of Committed Offenders. The Chaplain is available to assist inmates in counseling and addressing their spiritual needs.

There are a variety of faith groups represented in the Chapel program such as Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Nation of Islam, Moorish Science Temple, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Native American. A copy of the Religious Services Schedule is available for inmates in the Chapel. Each individual is responsible for his involvement in religious programming, to understand what programs are in place, decide which religious preference he wishes to worship, submission to the Chaplin a cop-out for participation in holy days or work proscriptions, and liturgical meals.

If your religion is not represented on the institution schedule and you want an accommodation, please contact a chaplain. The chaplain will provide the appropriate assistance.

All religious books and articles, soft or hard bound, must come directly from the publisher, book club, or from a bookstore. Personal religious items may be purchased by a Special Purchase Order once a quarter. Headwear will be available through the commissary. Other religious articles, such as, videotapes, cassette tapes, and religious books are available in the Chapel for your use.

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