USP Marion Substance Abuse Programs

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Most Psychology Services programs are voluntary, with the exception of the Drug Education Program. An inmate may either volunteer for, or be recommended to participate in, the Drug Education Program. The Drug Education Program will be recommended by the unit team, if an inmate has been sentenced or returned to custody as a violator after September 30, 1991; and it is determined that:

l. There is evidence that alcohol or other drug use contributed to the commission of the instant offense.
Alcohol or other drug use was a reason for violation either of supervised release (including probation/parole) or BOP community status (Residential Re-entry Center placement) for which the inmate is now incarcerated.
The inmate was recommended for drug programming during incarceration by the sentencing judge.
There is evidence of a history of alcohol or other drug use. For example, your history of alcohol and /or drug use within the past five years is emphasized in the PSR.

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