USP Pollock Library and Publication Rules

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The leisure and law libraries-offer a-variety of services. Books, magazines, and newspapers will be available for inmates use. An interlibrary loan program will be available for inmate use. The law library offers legal material as mandated by Program Statement 1315.07, dated November5,1999.

The Education Department has an Electronic Law library system. In order to access the law library you must have an active account In order to gain access you must do the following:
• Submit a request to Mr. Martinez, Supervisor of Education or Mr. Weldon, VT Computer
Instructor ONLY, requesting an Electronic Law library account
• You will be placed on call-out once your account has been created.
• You will read and sign the Rules of Behavior for the Inmate Access-to the mectrc:jnic Law library and given yout account password.
• All accounts will be created at the earliest convenience of the Education staff. ‘

The Bureau permits inmates to subscribe to and receive publications without prior approval.
The term “publication’ means a book, single issue of a magazine or newspaper, or material
addressed to a specific Inmate. An inmate may receive hardcover only from a
publisher, book club, or bookstores. See section 00 Unil Rules for specific guidelines for
receiving incoming publications. Accumulation of publications will be limited to five.

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