USP Tuscon Programs

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Leisure activities and recreation programs are also supervised by the Education Department. These programs help inmates develop an individual wellness concept. The Federal Correctional Complex in Tucson is equipped with a full range of facilities to suit the recreational needs of every inmate. Amenities include a band room, basketball court, bocce ball court, handball/racquetball courts, hobby shop, horseshoe pits, soccer field, softball field, track, and volleyball court. The U.S.P. boasts a gymnasium and an indoor recreation center. The complex offers a plethora of athletic, fitness, and hobby crafting programs. Inmates can enroll in the Wellness course which provides classroom instruction in Anatomy, Diabetes, Disease Prevention, Nutrition, Smoking Cessation, Sports Injury, Weight Management, and other health related subjects. Falling under the wellness umbrella are structured programs in Aerobics/Calisthenics, Healthy Lifestyle, Cardio-Cycling, NFPT, and Yoga.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Musical instruments are available in the recreation area for inmates. Authorization of musical instruments is required through recreation staff.
HOBBY CRAFT: Hobby craft programs available to the inmate population include activities such as: Art, Beading, Card Making (SPC), Crocheting, Guitar, Leather Crafting (FCI), Origami, Mini-Wood Sculpturing, and Plastic Toy Sculpturing (USP). Completed projects that are authorized by the Recreation Supervisor must be mailed home. Inmates are not allowed to have completed projects in their cells.
Incentive Program: Students participating in Leisure and Wellness programs are awarded a certificate and a variety of authorized consumable goods.

Inmates who become commissioners, referees and umpires are paid for organizing sports activities.
**Violation of any established procedures may result in disciplinary action, confiscation of unauthorized projects, fines (destruction or theft of department property), suspension of recreation privileges, and/or expulsion from structured programs.

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