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Inmates may visit the laundry for clothing issue/exchange once per week, excluding the first full week of every month. The first full week of every month is set aside for hygiene issue and linen exchange only. Inmates may utilize the institution central laundry system by dropping off dirty laundry bags on one day and picking up clean laundry on another day. Hours of operation for Laundry is posted in housing units. Inmates who maliciously or otherwise alter their clothing, bedding, mattresses or any other issued items are subject to disciplinary action.

Inmates will be issued the following laundry items upon arrival at FCC Victorville:
5 sets of underclothing 2 blankets 1 belt
3 sets of khakis 2 sheets 1 jacket
1 pair of boots 2 towels 1 pillow case
1 beanie 2 face clothes
Two days prior to releasing or transferring, inmates are responsible to return all of
the above items to the laundry with the exception of:
1 set of khakis 1 towel
2 sets of underclothes 1 face cloth 1 pair of boots
2 blankets 2 sheets 1 belt
These remaining items will be carried to R&D on the day of your release or
transfer. Funds will be frozen for inmates that do not comply.

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