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The purpose of the Recreation Department is to provide and to promote a large variety of recreational activities to the FCC Victorville (USP, FCI I, FCI II, and Camp) inmate population. The Recreation programs are to provide gainful use of free time and to fulfill specific inmates’ needs. Formal and informal programs offer a combination of competitive, recreational, and fitness type activities designed to reach a wide range of age, culture, ability, and interests. The Recreation Department ensures that the inmate population is made aware of all activities and programs available by displaying flyers and monthly calendar of events in not only the housing units but in the recreation area. The Recreation Department’s main goal is to provide inmates an opportunity to improve their health, fitness, development of mental and physical skills, and to be actively involved in leisure time activities.

RECREATION RULES & REGULATIONS The following rules are to be adhered to while using recreation areas and equipment. Failure to do so may result in suspension from the recreation department in general or from the specific program area in which the violation occurred. Recreation Staff have the authority to refuse inmates access to recreation, if they believe it is not conducive and /or in the best interest of safety and security to allow inmates on the recreation yard. Unruly and /or disruptive inmates will be asked to return to their respective housing units for that specific recreation yard movement for the day or evening. If the inmate continues to present a problem, an incident report may be written. In addition, incident reports that are written on inmates while in recreation or participating in a recreation sanctioned event may be reviewed by either the Unit Disciplinary Committee (UDC) or the Disciplinary Hearing Officer (DHO) depending on the severity of the offense. The UDC or DHO may impose sanctions that include the loss of recreation privileges for a specified time. Please see recreation bulletin boards for specific rules and procedures at each institution.


The Recreation Department offers a variety of hobby craft programs, sports and leisure programs and structured exercise/wellness programs. Necessary equipment and tools are available on a check out basis to aide the inmate population to effectively participate in all of these venues. Additional materials for hobby craft participants may be obtained through a Special Purpose Order (SPO) upon staff verification and approval. Inmates participating in hobby craft programs will have access to lockers in which to keep their materials and ongoing projects. A request must be made to the Recreation Department on an “Inmate Request to Staff” form (BP148) to sign up in any of the Hobby Craft Programs. Every participant is expected to follow all rules associated with the Hobby Craft Program. Aerobics Step Aerobics Low Impact Aerobics Jump Rope Fitness Endurance Circuit Training Pilates Stretching Body Composition Abs Class Cross Training Yoga Seniors Fitness Calisthenics Spinning Acrylic Painting Calligraphy Beading Crochet Cartoon Drawing Landscape Painting Origami Leather Crafts Stability Ball Greeting Cards Pencil Drawing Mural Painting Ceramics Stick Art Pilates Yoga Anatomy Sports Injury Wellness Nutrition Diabetes Guitar (English/Spanish) Accordion Drums Ukulele Song Writing Arrangement Bass Guitar (English/Spanish) Guitar Tablature Guitar Theory Music Reading Saxophone Music Appreciation I, II, III Voice Blues Guitar Music Scales Modes


The Recreation Department awards prizes to the winners of all holiday tournaments and structured sport leagues. Prizes will be distributed in Recreation at scheduled times after the completion of each event. Prizes will be determined and distributed at the discretion of the Supervisor of Recreation. Certificates of Completion and/or Achievement are presented to participants who successfully complete Physical Fitness and Health Education classes and all structured programs to include Wellness, Music, Hobby Craft, and Sports Officiating. Incentive/Prize bags are in the form of consumable food items. Holiday Events: First Place in Each Event Eligible for prize Second Place in Each Event Eligible for prize Structured Sports/Leisure Leagues: First Place in Each Event Eligible for prize Second Place in Each Event Eligible for prize (USP: In the event of an incident on the Recreation yard, the center tower will sound a verbal warning. All inmates are required to immediately lay on the ground until further instructions are given.)

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