USP Allenwood Visitation

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Visiting days/hours

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & holidays from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.


Location and Directions; The Federal Correctional
Complex at Allenwood, Pennsylvania, is located off U.S. Highway 15,
North of the town of Allenwood, Pennsylvania. The institutions are
situated approximately 13 miles South of Williamsport, 8 miles
North of Lewisburg, and 5 miles North of Interstate 80. Visitors
should refrain from arriving on the institution grounds before
visiting is scheduled to begin. When a visit is over, all visitors
must immediately leave the institution grounds.

Visitor Dress Code

FCC Allenwood: All visitors will be dressed appropriately.
This requirement includes footwear and clothing appropriate for a
correctional setting. Shorts, skirts, and dresses will be at a
maximum of no more than one inch above the knee to include any
slits in the dresses or skirts. The dress code is as follows:

• No tight-fitting clothing
• No see-through clothing (if White-colored clothing
is revealing, it will be considered see-through)
• No low-cut blouses
• No tank tops/muscle Shirts – All shirts and blouses
must cover the shoulders (both male/female)
• NO wrap-around skirts
• No button up/down skirts
• No flip-flop style/open toe shoes
• No ball caps. hats, bandanas, sweat bands. do rags,
or any other type of head gear is authorized with
the exception of religious head gear.

Visitors will not be permitted to wear a combination of pants
and a shirt that resembles the khaki-colored inmate uniform.
Any visitor wearing clothes similarly-colored (brown, light
brown, beige or tan) will not be allowed to enter the visiting

Visitors may be denied entry based on their dress attire.
This decision will not be delegated lower than the Operations

Specifically, all visitors will wear shoes in the visiting
room to ensure their safety. Therefore, no open-toed shoes
are allowed. All visitors 16 years old and older will be
expected to wear an inner garment covering the breast or chest
area. If the outer garment is of such material that the
breast or chest area is revealing or would cause distraction
to inmates or other visitors in the visiting rocm an
appropriate covering will be required.

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